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_Work with Debra Drodvillo

 "Arts on a global scale, from architecture, landmarks, and historic sites to music, theater, and special events"


Step 1

· What message am I attempting to communicate?
· Who am I trying to communicate it to?
· How am I going to communicate it?
· How do the choices I make aid in that communication?

Cross Platform Publication · research, analysis and presentation

Visual forms as well as the understanding of the perceptual/ conceptual process during which form and content are critically analyzed, evaluated and finally integrated to perform a specific task and to communicate a direct and coherent message.


Step 2

· Analyzing and determining informational hierarchies in a given text/publication.
· Using drawing as a way of thinking and a crucial first step in the design process.
· Using platform-specific grid systems to unify text and image.
· Exploring the compositional potential of typographic information in multiple mediums.
· Expanding the visual and technical grammar of typography.
· Developing craftsmanship and refinement of typographic sensibilities in multiple mediums.
· Developing original imagery which suits the desired tone and chosen content.
· Instilling a sense of self-expression and artistic ownership of one’s work and process.

Visual communication skills by introducing an approach to design research and development which is based on the analysis of the syntactic, semantic, and pragmatic relationships pertinent to any visual communication assignment.


Step 3

· Evaluate their own work, judge progress and quality throughout the design process, knowing that the ability to judge one’s own work is a crucial factor in determining the overall quality of that work.
· Being conscious of choices made throughout the design process, and how they serve the communication goals at hand.
· Be prepared to present their findings and their work confidently, utilizing presentation guidelines outlined later in this document.

Select a topic, theme or unifying concept and design a proposal for a cross-platform (print / digital) publication.

To develop the ability to critically evaluate one’s own work and the work of peers, and to work together to further the understanding of course principles for the group as a whole.