Hello, I'm UX Designer [Product].

Specialized in user experience design and research. Competent to analyze user behaviors and stories by human-centered design with simple usability of modern digital product.


Re-Design Strava

Product Analysis / Rebuild Structure

User Review Analysis / Product Development


Understand the user’s problem and the pain points that they experience. The questions should be open-ended and focus on going past the surface to gain a deeper understanding of the user’s problem.

fitness_app copy.png

Carpool Share Platform

UX Product Design / Platform

Problem Solving / Design System


A grouping platform for helps commuter make more affordable, faster, and Cheaper. User need to carpool with others user who live closest home and work area



User PatternUX Product Design 

Workshop with Santiago Piedrafita


Tocar is a driving assistance application for driver’s safety from mobile used. Tocar operation automatic Navigation system, Bluetooth voice control, and Motion recognition system.