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"Wear ever we go"

When you travel to other countries or other regions of your country, you may want to know about the weather during your stay and the fashion style to wear when you reach your destination. We offer you a guide and the opportunity to purchase stylish clothing for all of your activities, taking into account the local weather conditions and trends in local fashion.


1. Research 

Climate change, the term given to trends in statistical weather patterns, is often closely linked to anthropogenic global warming, and it’s likely a large reason that U.S. climates are getting warmer each year. But those hotter temperatures are also eroding the seasonality of your wardrobe; in other words, we’re wearing more of the same clothes, year-round. Increased temperatures galvanized by global warming, then, are diminishing the fashion industry’s crucial buying and manufacturing cycles.


2. Contextual Inquiry

National Geographic Channel “For the Love of Fashion”

Fabric of usage in the world


National Geographic Channel “DIY - The Clothing Game | Brain Games”

Color of feeling, color of clothes



3. Problem

In recent years, more and more people are traveling, and in order to prepare for the trip, many people spend a lot of time and money to pack up or buy necessary clothes. Clothing is an indicator of culture and fashion in the area, and many cities wear different styles or colors. In addition, many people take clothes that they do not need in order to prepare for an environment that may happen when they take their travels, and the burden is increased, which also puts a lot of burden on the trip.


Luggage Measurement

Suggests appropriate size and quantity of luggage based on the user's itinerary. The volume of clothing increases with the number of days and season


Analyzes the user’s wardrobe to suggest clothing to bring on       a planned trip or to suggest future destination based on the clothing they own. The user uploads their wardrobe into the personal E-Wardrobe and the service makes recommendations based on location, weather, activity, and fashion trends. This informs the user which clothing items are necessary for the purpose of the trips. 

Weather Suggestion

Analyzes the user’s wardrobe to determine weather conditions their clothing is appropriate for, and suggests destinations and specific seasons that users may prefer.

Daily suggestion

Gives suggestions of clothing items to wear and to take based on the user’s current location and the latest weather forecast for that morning. 


4. Solution

It is a service that helps styling the fashion which is suitable for the weather. It is a fashion-conscious young man and woman tourist. It helps people to travel more comfortably and to go out. Different weather in different regions and climate change that is a social problem in the 21st century. It also aims to reduce the burden according to the user's style and travel purpose, and to reduce the fatigue that the traveler may experience while on the move.